Bartholomew is revising the New Testament – Bishop of the SOC Irenaeus

“Autocephaly” given to the Ukrainian schismatics is not autocephaly at all and not even autonomy. Bishop Irenaeus of Bach announced this during his speech at the conference “World Orthodoxy: Primacy and Sobornost in the Light of the Orthodox Doctrine”, writes Pershy Kozatsky.

“Those rights, that freedom, which, for example, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church enjoys as an autonomous and self-governing Church within the ROC is much broader and more serious than the alleged autocephaly that was given to the schismatics. The “tomos” given to them not only presupposes numerous restrictions – it directly states that they should consider the Patriarch of Constantinople as their boss!

It is especially a pity that this “tomos” no longer mentions the Lord as the Head of the Church, as in earlier tomos, and says that the Patriarch of Constantinople is the head of the Church on earth.

This is completely unacceptable for the Orthodox conscience and means a revision of the Gospel, revision of the New Testament, ”said the hierarch.

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