The head of the Cyprus Church is not ready to enter into a discussion with the metropolitans who criticize the anti-canonical actions of the Phanar

The transition to a substantive discussion of the problem of illegal steps of the Patriarchate of Constantinople shows its worth. Phanar’s supporters, lacking real arguments in defense and justification of the policy of Patriarch Bartholomew, are forced to resort to the most clumsy way of responding to the challenges that have arisen – ignoring an unpleasant situation for themselves, writes Pravblog.

“In particular, this is the path taken by Archbishop Chrysostom, whom the resource asked to comment on the participation of the metropolitans of the Church of Cyprus in a theological conference in Moscow.

As the hierarch noted, the rulers should not have taken part in the mentioned event. As for their statements at the conference, in the opinion of the head of the Cyprus Church, they are “divorced from reality.”

At the same time, the archbishop made it clear that he was not ready for a detailed discussion on relevant issues. He only noted that “there is no need to debate with the metropolitans.” As allegedly the Holy Synod of the Cypriot Church supported him, the primate’s position on the Ukrainian “autocephaly”, and not the position of its opponents.

In this context, we again emphasize the importance of increasing the scale of discussion of the issues of anti-canonical actions of the Phanar. After all, when it comes to specific facts and arguments, the entire construction of phanariotes along the line of legalizing “OCU” begins to rapidly collapse. And it becomes once again clear that Phanar is not “the first without equals”, but, as described in the famous fairy tale by Anderson, simply “the naked king”,” writes the Telegram channel.

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