A number of Local Churches are under severe pressure to force them to recognize the “OCU”

Local Orthodox Churches are “wringing out their hands” so that they recognize the head of the OCU, the schismatic Epiphany Dumenko. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov, writes Pravblog.

“The Greek churches have made this compromise with their conscience. Both the Greek Orthodox Church and the Cypriot Orthodox Church are now actively cultivating the Antiochian Orthodox Church (there are parishes of this Church in Syria, Lebanon and a number of African countries).

There were also attempts to persuade the Patriarch of Alexandria (which was done, as the sources note, with the help of compromising evidence – ed.), The Patriarch of Jerusalem and the leaders of the Churches of Bulgaria, Romania, Albania.

The work is very active, and very tough pressure is being put on these priests, ”Lavrov said.

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