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In Montenegro, the government transferred the Cetinje monastery into state ownership

The Cetinsky monastery in Montenegro was transferred to state ownership: according to Pershy Kozatsky, local deputies tried to vote for the “return” of the shrine to the schismatics of the “Montenegrin Orthodox Church” (an analogue of the OCU, which even Bartholomew does not recognize), but did not have time.

During a heated discussion of the document submitted to the meeting of the Assembly (municipal council) on September 14, the news came from the capital of Montenegro unexpectedly: the government of the country made an urgent decision that from now on the owner of the monastery would not be the municipality, but the state.

According to the Montenegrin-Primorsk Metropolitanate of the SOC, the government of Montenegro ordered the Department of Cadastre and State Property to immediately transfer the Cetinsky Monastery to state ownership.

The monastery was registered as the property of the municipality, since the decision on its ownership, made in 2005, has not yet been implemented. Taking advantage of this situation, public movements opposing the activities of the Serbian Orthodox Church on the territory of Montenegro have prepared a “Civil Initiative on the RETURN of the Cetinje Monastery of the Non-Governmental Organization MCP and the transfer of all relics to the priests of this religious organization.”

How it is possible to “convey” something that never belonged to them – “patriots” are not particularly worried.

The demand was signed by 600 people, which is 3% of all adult residents of Cetinje. Nevertheless, on the morning of September 14, consideration of the initiative was started, and several parties announced their intention to vote for it.

The unexpected order of the government caused a storm of indignation among the citizens gathered under the walls of the Assembly. However, the Department of Cadastre and State Property has already registered a ban on the alienation of all buildings and plots used by the monastery.

The Monastery of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built in 1484 and is a Serbian Orthodox monastery in the historical capital of Montenegro – Cetinje. The monastery houses great relics: the Right Hand of John the Baptist, a Part of the Honorable Trees of the Life-giving Cross of the Lord and the Filermskaya Icon of the Mother of God, as well as the relics of St. Peter of Cetinsky – Metropolitan and ruler of Montenegro Peter I Petrovich Njegos, canonized by the Serbian Orthodox Church.

It was here, according to tradition, that on September 5, 2021, the head of the Montenegrin Metropolitanate of the SOC was enthroned.

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