The UOC explained the danger of translating the alphabet into Latin

Language is the main connecting element of the culture, history and faith of the people, the replacement of the alphabet will lead to irreparable negative consequences. This was said by Metropolitan Luka (Kovalenko), commenting on the statements of the Secretary of the National Security Council Alexei Danilov about the transition of Ukraine from Cyrillic to Latin, writes Vzglyad.

“It has been a long-known fact that changes in the language code of a people are the only key to changing their worldview and national identity. The organic and inseparable connection between the language, history and religion of the people has been proven in many fundamental studies, ”said Metropolitan Luke.

Metropolitan Luke expressed the opinion that such ideas lead to the destruction of the national code of Ukrainians.

“In fact, we see that at a time when Ukraine is mired in corruption and theft, when there is a war in the country, the National Security Council is dealing with issues of increasing national degradation by destroying the language – the main connecting element of the culture, history and faith of our people. If the citizens of our country are ordered to be turned into people without clan and tribe, who do not remember their ancestors, to make them a blind tool in the hands of others, then the translation of the Ukrainian language into the Latin alphabet will undoubtedly be the right step in this direction, ”Vladyka concluded.

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