Dozens of children were baptized at an Orthodox orphanage in Kenya

In the orphanage of Holy Righteous Tabitha in Kenya, more than twenty of his wards and several adults received the Holy Baptism in the Orthodox Church, informs.

A total of 29 people received the Holy Baptism.

Most newly baptized Orthodox Christians are representatives of the Pokot people, this is one of more than 40 Kenyan tribal groups that live in the northwest of the country. It is estimated that 783,000 Pokot speakers are native to Kenya and an additional 130,000 in Uganda.

Reportedly, Father Agapius Omukuba, the administrator of the orphanage, in which many people have already been saved from hunger and poverty, was one of the authors of an open letter from the priests of the Alexandrian Orthodox Church, published at the end of 2019 after the decision of Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria to recognize the so-called “Orthodox Church in Ukraine”.

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