The events of 1054 may repeat, – UOC Chancellor

The consequences of the gross interference of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the internal affairs of the UOC will be reflected in three dimensions, says Anthony, the Administrator of the UOC, Metropolitan of Boryspil and Brovary.

“The first is the level of world Orthodoxy. Unfortunately, the events of 1054 may be repeated. And on different sides of the barricades there will remain Churches, faithful to Orthodoxy, and structures that will agree to be part of a simulacrum of world Orthodoxy. We are talking about a certain new system, where the center will be not God, canons and conciliarity, but ambitions, directives and the papal format of government.

The second is the level of Ukrainian realities. We all understand very well that a deeper and more active involvement of politicians in the processes of supporting the split will inevitably lead to the destabilization of the social situation. Numerous hotbeds of conflicts and confrontations will flare up. <…>

The third and most important is the level of spiritual consequences. After all, while some people are in peace with God and His Church, they build their future on stone. If the falling away from the Lord begins and the worship of the next “golden calves” begins, then the sand becomes the corresponding foundation,” said Metropolitan Anthony.

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