“Black Spot” on Bartholomew’s visit to Ukraine

The pro-Phanar “experts” claim that the visit of Patriarch Bartholomew to Ukraine ended positively, and soon the “voices” opposing the recognition of the OCU head Epiphany Dumenko as the leader of the OCU “will probably subside.” Article published in Vimaorthodoxias.

Since, according to the “expert”, during the visit “there was no serious reaction” from the UOC, “recognition from other Orthodox Churches will follow.”

“The only black spot” is the “whisper of displeasure” of “a significant part of the hierarchs of the Church of Ukraine because of the attempts of some to stand out, perhaps beyond what their position allows,” writes the author of the article.

Earlier, the BBC journalist said that he “did not see” the protests of the UOC believers against Patriarch Bartholomew, while 10,000 people gathered near the Rada.

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