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The head of the “OCU” is not a metropolitan and clergyman for the Georgian Church

The phanariotes and their satellites in Ukraine recently received an unpleasant blow from the Georgian Orthodox Church.

While quoting information from the Ukrainian media, on the official Facebook page of the GOC, the word “Metropolitan” was put in quotation marks next to the name Epiphany. Thus, this Local Church demonstrated that it does not consider the head of the Ukrainian schismatics to be a bishop and, in general, a clergyman.

It is quite understandable that this caused a sharp reaction at the Phanar. In particular, an attempt was made to accuse the Georgian Church of “dishonest” citing and “falsification” of information.

However, all the efforts of the Turkish side to “expose” the Church of Tbilisi look like a manipulative technology. It is trying to hide the essence of what is happening behind the dispute about the form. And it is simple – the Georgian Church does not perceive Dumenko and his structure as part of world Orthodoxy. They still remain schismatics who are outside the canonical field of the Ecumenical Church for Georgian Orthodox Christians.

In principle, that’s all we have to know about the perspectives for the recognition of the OCU in the Georgian “direction.”


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