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That`s another story

The Patriarch of Constantinople conferred the title of archon on Andrei Matsola, one of the main sponsors of the OCU.

At the same time, neither the head of the Phanar, nor Dumenko, who are so fond of talking about “all sorts of Moscow intrigues,” were not embarrassed by the fact that Matsola’s business was functioning in the Russian Federation. And not just functioning, but also payments to the RF budget of taxes for billions of rubles.

Of course, the brewer has long been trying to convince everyone that he is no longer doing business in the “aggressor country”. However, as the journalist Maxim Prokhorenko rightly noted, Matsola did not provide the relevant data from the registers.

Therefore, it is possible that everything remained as it was. The money of the “OCU” sponsor continues to replenish the budget of Russia, and also flow from there into the pockets of Dumenko’s structure, who tells right and left about “the impossibility of any ties with Moscow.”

Forgetting about the situation with your benefactor. But, as we understand it, “this is different.”

There will be a funny story if it turns out that behind the title of archon there is a transfer of “Moscow” money into the right hands. Although the relevant people will get out again. They will say that in addition to Ukrainian chocolate, they are also given Ukrainian beer…


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