Representatives of Mount Athos visited the “Diocese” of Drabinko

On August 23, 2021, representatives of several monasteries of Athos served at the Transfiguration Cathedral in Kyiv – known as the only parish of Alexander Drabinko’s “diocese” in the OCU. This is reported by the Spiritual Front of Ukraine.

The visit took place “with the blessing of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I and at the invitation of Metropolitan of Pereyaslav and Vyshneve in the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Alexander (Drabinko) and chairman of the parish council of the Transfiguration Cathedral Igor Lysov,” the website reports.

The delegation included the abbot of the Pantokratoros monastery, Archimandrite Gabriel, the icon painter of the Xenophontos monastery, Hieromonk Luke, the author of the decoration of the text of the Tomos of the OCU, the famous defender of the Phanar position, Hieromonk Nikita, Hierodeacon Theodosius.

As previously reported, on Holy Mount Athos there is still no common opinion regarding the interference of the head of the Phanar in the church affairs of Ukraine.

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