State independence, human freedom and Christian principles

Today all of Ukraine is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Independence of our state. Independence is an opportunity to live based on your constitutional rights and freedoms. We cannot talk about the independence of a state that does not respect the rights of its citizens, Bishop Viktor (Kotsaba), Bishop of Baryshevsky, wrote in his Telegram channel.

“The same can be said about the religious component of our social life. A sovereign and independent state guarantees citizens the exclusive right to profess any religion or not to profess any. In a state where the right of a person to visit the temple that he wishes is not respected, and to be faithful to the Church to which he belongs, it is inappropriate to talk about freedom.

On the other hand, Christianity constantly emphasizes the human right to live according to the gospel principles. Moreover, this right has long been perceived by the majority of Christians as a duty, which is dictated by the desire to be with God.

And, finally, to be independent means to have clear life guidelines, to understand your vocation and realize it. And in this sense, every Ukrainian should remember the centuries-old worldview of our people, which is based on the Gospel word and the teaching of the Church. Therefore, with our whole life in Christ, we can truly feel freedom,” wrote Bishop Victor.

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