The difference between Zelensky’s meetings with Bartholomew in 2021 and in 2019 is striking

Yesterday, President Zelensky managed to meet with Patriarch Bartholomew who arrived in Ukraine. And, I must say, the difference between this meeting and the meeting in 2019, when Ze was in Istanbul, is striking.

Among other, respectful, fairly protocol-based and neutral statements, Zelenskiy said that one of the factors that “the aggressor uses against Ukraine” as a “hybrid weapon” is religious. Let’s translate the president’s florid words into a direct speech in its meaning – Zelensky ran into the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, in fact, turning on the rhetoric of gunfighters. Well, because what else can we talk about here? Of course, about unfounded and manipulative accusations against the canonical UOC.

Do you understand, yes? Flashbacks and deja vu. Petr Alekseevich, we do not recognize you in makeup.

Danilov certainly approves – remember his scandalous words about the UOC.

And in 2019, Zelensky did not bend under Bartholomew’s Wishlist. That meeting, it is like from a past life – according to Zelensky’s assurances of non-interference in the life of the church, on Zelensky’s refusal to sign a kind of “joint statement that Bartholomew wanted to slip into the president of Ukraine. Read, remember.

What can I say, we all change. Often – not for the better.



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