Primates of Local Orthodox Churches and hierarchs from abroad greet His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry on the anniversary of his enthronement

On August 17, 2021, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church celebrates the seventh anniversary of the enthronement of His Beatitude Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Onufriy at the chair of the Kiev Metropolitans. Traditionally, in connection with the holiday, the Primates of Local Orthodox Churches and hierarchs from abroad send their congratulations to His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry. This was reported by the Information and Education Department of the UOC.

His Beatitude Metropolitan SAVVA of Warsaw and All Poland: “In the spirit of brotherly love, I cordially congratulate you on the seventh anniversary of your accession to the throne of the Metropolitans of Kiev and All Ukraine.

I offer my prayers to the Chief Pastor, the Lord Jesus Christ, so that I can give you my all-effective blessing to overcome all kinds of difficulties arising from our own and others, hindering the preservation of the unity of the Holy Church and the Ukrainian people. There are many spiritual and physical strengths. God help you, dear Vladyka Metropolitan! ”

His Beatitude Metropolitan of the Czech Lands and Slovakia ROSTISLAV: “I cordially congratulate you on this significant date – the 7th anniversary of your enthronement at the ancient cathedra of Kiev metropolitans! Helping God You have become the heir of the labors of your blessedly reposed predecessor – Metropolitan Vladimir (Sabodan) – and with your inherent monastic humility, deep pastoral wisdom and indisputable authority, you continue his holy labors, multiplying the good fruit of church work.

On this day of joy for the fullness of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, I prayerfully wish your Shrine the unfailing help of God in the blessed Primate labors with the prayers and intercession of all the reverend fathers of the Kiev Caves! ”

His Beatitude Metropolitan of All America and Canada TIKHON: “On the seventh anniversary of your election and enthronement of the Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine, I send you my warmest congratulations and congratulations from hierarchs and clergy along with the entire flock of the Orthodox Church in America.

Your service as the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in maintaining the canonical order in the face of divisions and schism, which in recent years has been very acutely felt in Ukraine, has been courageous and resolute. In addition, you are leading the flock of the Ukrainian Church with love, patience, humility and prayer. These spiritual qualities, which you represent so abundantly, have earned you the love and respect of many people both in your country and around the world.

The hierarchs, clerics and believers of the Orthodox Church in America fondly remember your visit to America and especially the inspiring words of Your Beatitude at the 18th All-American Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia in 2015. We pray that the Lord will grant you a lot of physical and spiritual strength to continue your outstanding pastoral work as the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church for many years to come. ”

His Beatitude Metropolitan of Chisinau and All Moldova VLADIMIR: “From the fullness of the Orthodox Church of Moldova, we congratulate your Shrine on the 7th anniversary of the enthronement to the Kiev cathedra!

By God’s will, it fell to you to become the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in a difficult time for the Ukrainian land. With your firm faith in God’s providence and hope for the help of the Pastor Jesus Christ, you wisely govern the Church, strengthening your example for the Ukrainian flock to bear the difficult cross of defending the faith and truth of Christ that has fallen to their lot, without yielding to the onslaught of the hostile forces of all enemies of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church. We assure you that both the clergy and the believers of the Orthodox Church of Moldova incessantly offer their sincere prayers for the granting of peace and spiritual tranquility to the Ukrainian land. We pray for your health and prosperity, Your Beatitude, trusting in the mercy of God to end all disorders in our brotherly Ukraine. May the Lord strengthen your Holy Place and grant you spiritual and bodily strength, boldly perform the high ministry of the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on the path to the desired salvation ”.

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