A protest action against the arrival of Patriarch Bartholomew was held in the Odessa eparchy of the UOC

In Izmail, on August 15, near the Holy Protection Cathedral, a rally of Orthodox priests and parishioners of the UOC took place against the arrival of Patriarch Bartholomew, writes Izmail City.

Orthodox priests and parishioners gathered on the steps of the Holy Protection Cathedral.

Bishop Sergius of Bolgrad, vicar of the Odessa diocese, spoke about the reason for the action: “Orthodox Ishmael today is going to express his position on the arrival of Patriarch Bartholomew on the 30th anniversary of the independence of our country. I, as the vicar bishop of the Odessa diocese, together with the clergy and the people of God gathered under the walls of the Holy Protection Cathedral to express my opinion. It is worth noting that the policies and deeds of Bartholomew do not contribute to peace in our country. After his actions with the tomos, the recognition of the split – all this only exacerbated the fragmentation in our state. Today his visit is extremely undesirable, since it will only lead to a new aggravation of the conflict situation on religious grounds. We don’t need Patriarch Bartholomew’s arrival from Istanbul ”.

Earlier, the Believers of the Zaporozhye eparchy called for the start of the Stop Bartholomew flash mob.

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