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How propagandists of the OCU and the Phanar catch each other in lies, – publicist

The phrase of Hovorun about the OCU and foreign parishes is very striking. It is known that the leadership of the OCU is almost trying to jump out of his pants in order to declare that the schismatics in the United States are their subordinates (everyone probably remembers the story of the schismatic cleric Viktor Polyarny, who makes statements that he is a  part of the OCU, that the OCU hierarch Zorya is very happy).

In this regard, responding to the reproach from journalists that Hovorun is still a member of the Russian Orthodox Church, he pointed out: “I am mainly abroad, where the Orthodox Church of Ukraine simply does not exist.”

In fact, he boldly pointed out that all the statements of the leadership of the OCU that they did not abandon the diaspora to the mercy of fate are a lie, that there is not and cannot be any OCU outside of Ukraine, for which special thanks to the eternal attempts of Bartholomew to crush everything for himself and get the maximum benefit from all processes (after all, Bartholomew believed that all foreign parishes of schismatics should automatically join the Patriarchate of Constantinople, which means that financial profit would be obvious).


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