Dnipro mayor “despises 99 percent of priests”

Dnipro mayor Boris Filatov said that he considers himself an Orthodox Christian, but despises the majority of priests. He wrote about this on Facebook, writes Depo.Dnipro.

“Yes, I really fly into space. And, of course, I will return, no matter how anyone wants the opposite. Yes, I am an Orthodox Christian, but I despise 99% of priests. I have a generally difficult relationship with the Lord God, but with Him I will sort it out myself without the mediation of drunks in robes,” in particular, he wrote.

In addition, he explained why he mainly uses Russian in communication and messages: “Yes, I think, I speak and write in Russian. And no one will force me to do otherwise, because my mother is a teacher of Russian language and literature, and my father – a philosopher”.

As reported, in 2020, in the midst of the fight against coronavirus, the mayor of Dnipro ordered to dig the road at the entrance to the St. Panteleimon Church of the UOC.


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