Hegumen of Xenophon said that there should be a “single herd” of Christians by the decision of the Phanar in Ukraine

Hegumen of the Athonite monastery Xenophon Archimandrite Alexiy said that he had wonderful memories of Ukraine and plans to visit it again, informs the Spiritual Front of Ukraine.

“We want and pray for peace and love to come to your church. It was and remains the desire and blessing of our Ecumenical Patriarch that you should all be united Orthodox Christians. Because nothing separates us. We worship the same Christ, we have the same doctrines, we receive the same Baptism, we share in the same Christ, we pray to Him and ask for His mercy,” says the abbot.

Also, according to him, “the one who rejoices in separation is an archaic demon and this is his task… We, the Athonite monks, love all Orthodox Christians and ask that we be the only herd. This should be done in Ukraine as well, from the moment when our Orthodox Center, our Ecumenical Patriarch with the Holy Synod of the Great Church of Christ handed over the Tomos of autocephaly to the independent Ukrainian state.”

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