Delegation of the Church of Antioch visited the shrines of Kiev and Chernigov

The official delegation of the Antiochian Orthodox Church, which arrived in Kiev to celebrate the Baptism of Rus, continues its stay in Ukraine and visits different parts of our country on a pilgrimage trip. This was announced by an employee of the DECR UOC Father Vitaly Gorzov.

Thus, the delegation headed by Bishop Ephraim of Seleucus visited the ancient monasteries of the capital, namely: the Holy Protection Convent, the Archangel Michael Zverinetsky Monastery, the Holy Trinity Ioninsky Monastery.

Also, the guests of Ukraine visited the shrines of the city of Chernigov and the Chernigov diocese. We visited the convent of St. George the Victorious, where they bowed to the miraculous icon of the Mother of God “I am with you and no one is with you.”

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