Serbian hierarch: The situation in Kiev is dangerous for other Local Churches as well

Any Local Orthodox Church may face a problem similar to the Ukrainian church situation, but if it is correctly resolved in Ukraine, it will be easier for others in the future, said the hierarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Bishop Remesian Stefan, in an interview with the First Cossack channel, writes UOJ.

Vladyka Stephen noted that the situation in which the Ukrainian Orthodox Church finds itself affects the entire Orthodox world.

“I think that the Lord has granted the Ukrainian Orthodox people that it is they who must now really answer as it should and preserve the Orthodox world,” said the Serbian hierarch.

If the situation here, in Kiev, is resolved correctly, in an amicable way (and we do not know how it will turn out now, but we hope that the Lord Himself will help), then it will be easier for the rest of the Local Churches. If it does not work out, there will be a big problem in the Orthodox world, which has not existed for 20 centuries ”.

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