Shame on “OCU”, or when no custom sociology saves

Today, “OCU” nevertheless made an impromptu march to the monument of Prince Vladimir.

What can you say? Against the background of yesterday’s religious procession of the UOC, it looked, to put it mildly, faded. It’s like comparing the sea and the brook.

No matter how the operators tried to choose the desired sight, the video stubbornly fixed one fact – several thousand people passed through the procession.

So much for a “sociology” about “support for the OCU by the majority of believers in Ukraine.”

By the way, our subscribers who watched the broadcast of Channel 5 said that Dumenko was not in a very good mood. Which, in principle, is not so surprising. It is always offensive and unpleasant to be disgraced against the background of your own loud statements and in the presence of foreign guests.


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