If the authorities view the Church as competitors, it will end in big shocks, – political scientist

The Ukrainian government has returned to the idea that it is possible to play the “church card” again, hindering the procession of the cross and not thinking that this could lead to a serious civil conflict. This was announced by political analyst Kirill Molchanov on the air of the Pershy Nezalezhny TV channel.

According to him, the authorities are persecuting the Church out of despair, for lack of achievements at the socio-economic level. The political scientist noted that today the Church is a force that can unite a significant part of Ukrainian society.

“If the authorities believe that they (the Church – ed.) Are competitors for them, then it seems to me that this is an absolutely destructive path that will end in great upheavals. As history shows, the Church gains the greatest strength and cohesion when it is experiencing persecution. just we see that before there was less attention to all these processions of the cross, but now famous people are present at them. It seems to me that all these challenges only strengthen the faith and strength of the unity of the Church,” Molchanov said.

He stressed that the procession of the cross is a church holiday, not a political one, which unites believers, and the government acts on the principle of “divide and rule” – trying to divide Ukrainians and sow confusion. The political scientist added that unsuccessful attempts to destroy the spiritual core of society have been made since 2018.

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