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  5. Tikhanovskaya will ask Phanar to issue a tomos on Belarusian church autocephaly

Tikhanovskaya will ask Phanar to issue a tomos on Belarusian church autocephaly

Tikhanovskaya visited the Belarusian Autocephalous Church in New York and promised to appeal to the Patriarch of Constantinople with a request to provide a tomos. In the context of this information, let us recall some strategic assessments regarding the actions of the Istanbul Greeks, writes Pravblog.

“1. The creation of the “OCU” is the notorious crossing of the Rubicon, with which Constantinople chopped off all escape routes. Phanar put everything on the line: its authority, its status and its future – for the sake of establishing permanent and unshakable control over other Orthodox Churches.

2. The main elements of the corresponding strategy of the Phanar are: hanging the label “schismatics” on those who disagree with the “Greek papism” of the Church; their gradual fragmentation into numerous and independent parts; the formation of new religious structures that would be introduced into the global Orthodox space under the guise of autocephalous, but in fact dependent on Constantinople institutions; fixing the results of mandatory and systematic meetings chaired by the head of the Phanar (which will be called “Pan-Orthodox Councils”) of directive status for the Orthodox Churches participating in them (they will be obliged to build their activities in all significant areas and issues in strict accordance with the decisions of the “councils”).

3. The main blow will be directed at the Russian and Serbian Orthodox Churches, which are capable of creating the most serious obstacles to the global “reformatting” of Orthodoxy. In the first case, the emphasis will be on breaking away from the ROC of such “directions” as Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and so on, until the area of ​​functioning of the ROC is narrowed down to the borders of the Russian Federation. In the second case, the position of the SOC will be undermined by the recognition of the “autocephaly” of the Montenegrin, Macedonian and Kosovo “churches”,” writes the Telegram channel.

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