The Patriarchate of Georgia allowed the clergy not to give interviews to the media and not let them into the territory of the churches

The Georgian Patriarchy cites the aggravated situation in the media after the events of July 5-6 as the reason for this statement, writes Sputnik-Georgia.

“Mtavari Arkhi, TV Pirveli and Formula” are especially distinguished by the language of hatred, on the air of which the insult of the Patriarchate of Georgia, the Catholicos-Patriarch, the rectors of churches, priests and flock is heard directly and openly, threats and calls for reprisals are also heard, ” – the statement of the Patriarchate says.

Another crisis in Georgia began after July 5 – on that day, the contraction of LGBT opponents in Tbilisi escalated into riots, more than 50 journalists were injured. The situation worsened after the death, several days after the brutal beating at the rally, of the operator of the opposition TV channel Pirveli Georgy Lashkarav.

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