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  5. Are the authorities preparing to “export” the seizures of churches to the southeast of Ukraine?

Are the authorities preparing to “export” the seizures of churches to the southeast of Ukraine?

Some Telegram channels write that the NSDC is developing a set of measures to raise nationalist sentiments in the south and east of Ukraine. And that soon this complex should get for approval by Zelensky.

It is likely that the “consciousness” of Ukrainian citizens in the above-mentioned regions will try to raise, among other things, the use of religious instruments. Namely, through the promoting and favoring of “religious nationalists” represented by the “OCU”.

No doubt, representatives of this structure would like to expand the geographical area of ​​the seizures of churches and illegal liquidation of the UOC communities from Western Ukraine to the southeastern regions. But it is unlikely that the “OCU” has any significant social base in these regions (“drawn” sociology does not work here) to organize similar processes. But, using the support of the authorities, they can try to cling to something and increase their presence. Including by inciting hatred against the UOC (from their point of view, this is “patriotism”).

In any case, the UOC should analyze the situation in the southeastern dioceses: assess the possibility of some provocations by the OCU or nationalists, and be prepared for various options of pressure or discrimination from the authorities.

In general, if we evaluate the general political vector of actions of President Zelensky, the OP and the Cabinet of Ministers, then one cannot fail to notice that in many ways he repeats the policy of Poroshenko. Therefore, at the moment there is no reason to believe that in the religious sphere it will be somehow different and the attitude towards the UOC will change in a positive direction.

Therefore, everything indicates that the pressure on the Church, discrimination and ignorance of the interests of the believers of the UOC will continue. And anti-church laws will not be cancelled as long as Zelensky and “Servants of the People” are in power.

In turn, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will, of course, continue to defend its interests by all legal means. And improve this protection as you gain experience.


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