On the personnel shortage of the OCU and the disillusionment of young clergy

The Kharkiv-Poltava diocese of the OCU believes that the common problem of the OCU is that young “priests” who graduate from specialized educational institutions are simply not ready to “raise the parish from scratch,” they want to immediately come to the finished church and parishioners who will attend services regularly and donate generously. Plus, there is a certain element of corruption that affects distributions – “bread places” are often taken by those who already have money, and poor young priests after graduation receive a poor parish, quickly become disillusioned and lose enthusiasm, writes Churcher.

“In addition, there is such a seemingly unobvious problem – most of the seminarians come from the western regions of the country and after graduation they do not really want to go to the East, while the rest are not enough for all the central-eastern dioceses,” writes Telegram-channel …

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