“The Ukrainian proсession” by the OCU

There is the information that the OCU will still hold its “procession” on the day of commemoration of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir.

I wonder if the authorities will provide “crowd” for this event? After all, if not, then the OCU is at great risk. Because polls and reality, as we have repeatedly made sure of this, both with regard to the UOC-KP and the OCU, things are very different.

And if the “procession” takes place, and several hundred supporters of the religious organization of Dumenko take part in it, then it will be very difficult to explain all this to the phanariots. In theory, or rather, according to opinion polls, the “procession” of the OCU should be at least twice the size of the procession of the UOC. And it won’t be like that. It is a fact. So let’s see what Dumenko will do in order to “save face” somehow0.

Fortunately, Patriarch Bartholomew arrives only on August 20 (or 21). There will be plenty of time to “come up with” something.

UPD. There is a feeling that the “way out” will be like this: the OCU announces a “procession” only for Kyiv churches. It is clear that they will not prohibit others from participating in the event. Moreover, they will “advise” to do it. And they will present everything as a “local” event. Say, here we have 5000, but this is only from Kyiv churches.


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