“Support by believers of the UOC” for the arrival of Patriarch Bartholomew to Ukraine is an absurd

Probably, for the first time, we are dealing with data, from which it is so obviously absurd and, as many believe, an attempt to adjust the final indicators to the background required by customers.

Let’s take at least the point about the attitude of believers to the arrival of Patriarch Bartholomew to Ukraine.

Somehow, miraculously, it turned out that 49 percent of the flock of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church allegedly have a positive attitude towards this visit.

But for any sane person it immediately becomes clear that these results are a real absurdity.

After all, how can almost half of the UOC believers support the arrival of a person, after whose decision the process of destruction of our Church was launched? What approval can there be for the visit of the one who is responsible for the seizures of our churches, the beating of parishioners, and other violations of the fundamental rights of citizens of Ukraine? With so many supposedly adherents of the head of the Phanar, how do the OCU adherents have to engage in raiding, and not accept millions of new supporters into their ranks?

I am sure that everyone understands the rhetorical nature of these questions. As well as the fact that behind the mentioned “numbers” is a great manipulation.

In my opinion, its goal is simple – to create the appearance of support for the Patriarchate of Constantinople and its head in the Ukrainian church environment. And to relay this visibility to the level of other Local Churches in order to try to convince them – albeit with the help of a clumsy combination – of the allegedly erroneous statement about the Phanar aggravating the schism in Ukraine.

However, this time the customers of this scheme went too far. Indeed, only people who are completely far from existing realities can believe in the results of the corresponding sociological research, monstrous in their stupidity.

Moreover, in this context, I again recall a fragment of Ivan Krylov’s fable: “Although a service is dear to us if we need it, not everyone knows how to take it: God forbid contacting a fool! An obliging fool is more dangerous than an enemy.”

Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanych)

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