OCU actively advertises a new sociological study of KIIS in its favor

The Kiev International Institute of Siciology (KIIS) has published the results of a new sociological study on a religious topic, according to which the OCU’s positions have “significantly strengthened” over the past year. Interestingly, the interpretations of the study are vividly advertised directly on the OCU website.

For example, the OCU reported that “57% of Ukrainians are positive about the visit of the Archbishop of Constantinople – New Rome, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew to Ukraine. Another 32.5% have a neutral attitude towards his visit and only 6% have a negative attitude.”

In addition, during the year, “the majority of Orthodox Ukrainians – 58%” – who identify themselves as believers of the OCU unexpectedly grew. This figure allegedly increased by 10% compared to June 2020, but where these believers go when it comes directly to participating in services is not specified.

The poll also promotes the idea of ​​“uniting the MP in Ukraine and the OCU,” “in this case, 34% of Ukrainians would like to see His Beatitude Metropolitan Epiphanius at the head of the united Church, and Metropolitan Onuphry – 15% (in June 2020 – 26% against 12%)”, KIIS and OCU are trying to сonvince.

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