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It is necessary to rebuff the desire of the Phanar to rule, – hierarch of the UOC

The See of Constantinople is beginning to behave more and more aggressively with regard to asserting and developing its supposedly power powers and privileges, Bishop Sylvester of Belogorodsk, rector of the Kiev Theological Academy and Seminary, said in an interview with Channel One.

“The main part of the Orthodox world must take an active part in, firstly, to comprehend all this, and secondly, to resist the desire of the Constantinople See not only to take precedence, but also to rule. And undoubtedly one of the strategic tasks that we face is explaining to people. People have different levels of involvement in the church sphere, but we understand that there is propaganda at work that imposes certain kinds of stereotypes and myths. And in principle, many people, including in Ukraine, are beginning to believe in these myths.

So one of the main tasks, I would say scientific and educational at the same time, is for every person, every person who is to one degree or another involved in church topics, from the bishop and priest to simply interested laity, to give the opportunity to explain that the Constantinople See is not has those rights and does not have those privileges, and therefore illegally took those actions, carried out the policy that, unfortunately, was implemented on the territory of Ukraine,” the hierarch emphasized.

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