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UOC is the largest confession in Ukraine: results of social research

The study revealed:

Among the parishioners of the canonical UOC, 14.4% stated that they attend weekly services (this is the “core” of the Church, represented by active members of religious communities). This is TWICE MORE than the number of active parishioners of the so-called “OCU” (7.6%).

At the same time, among the adherents (non-parishioners) of the OCU, the number of those who answered the question: “Can you call yourself a believer” is more than 2 times higher (10.3%).

These figures completely negate the insignificant advantage that the “OCU” has when polling “among random people” (inactive parishioners), since the overwhelming majority of sympathizers of this pseudo-confession simply do not go to church.


The UOC is a church of believers and faithful, the largest denomination in Ukraine.

“OCU” is a political sect whose sympathies are based on “atheists of the Kiev Patriarchate.”


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