The UOC community in Rachin continues to build a new church to replace the captured OCU

The community of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the village of Rachin, Volyn region, with the help of the Favor Charitable Foundation, continues to build a new church instead of the one selected by the OCU supporters. The walls have already been erected; in the coming days, the community is going to start blocking the roof of the temple. The parish rector, Father Mikhail Kurpil, announced this in a comment to the UOJ.

According to the priest, a transfer of funds to pay for roofing works and materials was recently planned.

The temple in Rachin actually united the parishioners of two neighboring villages – Ozertsov and Rachin, in which the churches were transferred to the OCU in 2019. However, they will not build a church in Ozertsy: here, with the rector of these parishes, who refused to move, there are literally two houses left in the UOC. According to Father Mikhail, he picks up several believers from these families on the way to worship in Rachin.

As the UOJ reported, this project was opened by the Charity Fund “Favor” at the end of January 2021. At that time, believers in Rachin had already purchased most of the building materials on their own and found craftsmen to start construction. However, the community needed additional help for the purchase of metal tiles, drainage systems, beams, insulation in the amount of UAH 160.942.

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