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The USA now personifies the World Orthodoxy?

The masterpiece and frank phrase of R. Pavlenko, an official from the religion of Poroshenko’s time:

“Regarding the role of the United States, I think that the meeting of Secretary of State Blinken with Metropolitan Epiphany is a self-sufficient signal that world Orthodoxy recognizes the UOC (OCU).” [From fresh interviews with the odious “Glavkom”, who does not hide his prejudice towards our Church, towards the real UOC. (But there is also an organization (“OCU”), which is trying to mimic the UOC)].

That is, now Blinken (or the USA) personifies world Orthodoxy and is a criterion for the recognition or non-recognition of whom by world Orthodoxy? This is funny. Alternatively, it is a Freudian slip of the tongue, expressing some desires from across the ocean.

But life goes on and on its own way dotting the i. In particular, the other day our Beatitude was congratulated on the Day of the Angel by 6 Primates and a number of hierarchs of Local Churches. This is almost half of the Orthodox world. Note, not the US Secretary of State, but the primates of 6 Local Churches!

Fruitful cooperation is developing between the UOC and various Local Churches, which by this fact give clear signals with which Church they communicate and which Church they recognize as real, ancient and canonical.

These are obvious things, but I have to repeat them, because some are deliberately trying to form an alternative reality.

Archpriest Mykolay Danylevych

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