Zelensky had a telephone conversation with the Pope

As part of the conversation, the president again invited the pontiff to visit Ukraine.

At the same time, Zelensky stressed that Francis’ visit is “this oxygen, which is so necessary,” and that the “people of Ukraine” are waiting for him.

It was also noted in the conversation that “Ukraine is a country where representatives of all religions coexist peacefully and feel comfortable.”

According to the guarantor of the Constitution, “there are no pronounced inter-confessional conflicts in the state and there is practically no speculation on the topic of religion.”

It seems to us that these words once again reflect the content of the policy of the President’s Office in relation to the religious sphere. The essence of which is “there are no seizures and violations of the rights of believers.”

And in this context, there is a high probability that the presidential vertical will again ignore appeals from the believers of the UOC.


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