Serbian Patriarch: Kosovo is the home of all Serbs

On June 28, in Gamezistan, Patriarch Porfiry of Serbia, in collaboration with Metropolitan Ioannikos of Montenegro and Primorsky, and Bishops of Rash-Prizren Theodosius, Athanasius of Milesevia, John of Milesevia, John of Slaunia, Siluan of Australia and New Zealand, and Stefan of Remesan served a memorial service for the heroes of the battle in Kosovo, which took place on June 28, 1389.

This was the first memorial service served by His Beatitude in the status of the Primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church, according to

In his sermon, Vladyka Porfiry noted that Kosovo is home to all Serbs, wherever they are. “Prince Lazar and the martyrs of Kosovo showed us the path we must follow,” he said.

According to Serbian media, more than 2,000 Serbs from different regions of Serbia, Montenegro and Republika Srpska attended the service.

“The victims of Kosovo, which formed the basis of Serbian history, became one of the main topics for reflection, for the literature and art of the Serbian cultural heritage, therefore the Kosovo Treaty became the basis for the freedom and creativity of the Serbian people,” the Metropolitan of Montenegro noted, among other things in his sermon. Primorsky Ioannikiy.

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