“It’s funny to hear that Church Slavonic is understandable,” – a former priest of the UOC

A former cleric of the UOC Igor Solovey from the Transfiguration Church of the city of Akhtyrka, who after the presentation of the Tomos transferred his parish to the OCU, said that it was “funny for him to hear about the understandable Church Slavonic language.”

This is reported by “Religious Truth“.

He said that, being a priest of the canonical Church, he prayed in Church Slavonic for 31 years, taught it in two educational institutions.

“And now it has been two and a half years since I started serving in Ukrainian, and I realized that by 15 percent I did not understand the nuances and subtleties of church services in Church Slavonic. And now, when they tell me that Church Slavonic is understandable, it makes me laugh,” the OCU cleric declares.

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