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Signal from abroad. Zelensky pointed to the “real master” of Ukraine

The Patriarch of Constantinople aggravated the situation in Ukrainian politics. Against the background of the upcoming visit to Kiev, which the team of Vladimir Zelensky is preparing for him, Bartholomew unexpectedly sided with Petro Poroshenko, hoping to return to power. The president and his predecessor, in turn, raised the stakes in the game on the religious field, RIA Novosti writes.

“Patriarch Bartholomew met with Poroshenko for a reason. In this way he conveyed his regards to Zelensky: he showed what his attempts to enlist the support of the OCU are in reality,” notes the religious scholar Alexei Smirnov.

“In fact, the head of the Church of Constantinople is playing on the contradictions of rivals in order to benefit. Therefore, the upcoming August triumph of Zelensky may turn into a shame: the patriarch in Kiev will openly make it clear that he supports the politician who is objectionable to the current government. And thus, the chair under Zelensky will strongly shake”, – writes RIA Novosti.

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