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A copy of the Peresopnytsia Gospel stolen from the UOC appears in the OCU church

The recently erupted scandal over a copy of the Peresopnytsia Gospel presented by the OCU in Zaporozhye, stolen from the late Primate of the UOC, Metropolitan Volodymyr, was continued: the book appeared in the OCU church in the historical and cultural complex “Zaporizhzhya Sich” of the Khortytsya National Reserve.

Head of the Chancellery of the Zaporozhye eparchy, Archpriest Gennady Yelin writes that information appeared in the media that a facsimile copy of the Peresopnytsia Gospel is now on the island of Khortitsa.

According to him, the book, published at the expense of the UOC and with the blessing of His Beatitude Metropolitan Volodymyr, is being promoted by the representatives of the OCU as a personal achievement.

“Based on the materials, incl. published earlier, they received the book as a gift from the philanthropist Pavel Derkach. Nevertheless, for some reason it is kept silent as to how and from whom the kind-hearted Mr. Patron himself received the facsimile copy,” Fr. Gennady Elin writes.

“As I said earlier, part of the print run of the facsimile edition was taken away by the former Metropolitan of the UOC Alexander (Drabinko) after the death of His Beatitude Metropolitan Volodymyr (in other words, it was stolen). I would like to know where the philanthropist acquired this book,” writes the head of the Chancellery of the Zaporozhye eparchy.

Now the stolen Gospel is in the church on Khortytsya, taken from the UOC, the priest explains in conclusion.

Previously, the book was offered to be purchased for permanent demonstration for $ 8,000. The incident was associated with ex-Metropolitan of the UOC Alexander Drabinko.

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