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Former monks of the UOC serve in an empty church and say that “UOC will join us”

Two monks of the UOC, Sophrony and Januarius, who left the canonical Church and joined the OCU, now serve near the St. John the Theological Church in Nizhyn. Previously, this building served as a repository of the archive, in 2019 it was transferred to a new church structure, texty.org.ua reports.

“The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia should join us if they ever have enough intelligence for this,” Sophrony explains.

“Other monks would like to join Fathers Sophronius and Januarius. “But where will they live?” – they ask. The house near the temple, where there could be cells, was taken by the local museum. Lack of material resources is one of the first reasons why so few monks go to the OCU. And there are many who wish. Even, they say, in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra,” the publication states.

As for the parishioners, there are 10-15 of them here. From time to time, Father Sophrony has to serve in an empty church. This is what the current representative of the OCU accuses of globalism, pluralism and the exhaustion of the limit of the Church’s trust.

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