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  5. The OCU hierarch who served on the Phanar seized a historic building

The OCU hierarch who served on the Phanar seized a historic building

In Volyn region, representatives of the OCU seized the building of a former monastery on the territory of the historical and cultural reserve “Ancient Volodymyr” and placed the governor of the Volodymyr-Volyn diocese in it. This is reported by the online edition “BUG“.

Representatives of the reserve and local activists said that the premises of the former monastery are in the communal property of the town community of Volodymyr-Volynsky. The local council did not make any decisions on the transfer of property to the OCU, but the raiders are already actively carrying out repair work in the building.

“The permission to use the land and the building was previously given for a nunnery, but now there is a diocese here. No documents were reissued after the change,” activist Andriy Kandyba said.

The police was called to the place of work, the policemen documented the fact of unauthorized construction work, which must be agreed with the reserve. The Internet edition “BUG” tried to take comments from the secretary of the “diocese” of the OCU and the head of the monastery, but they did not comment on the event in any way.


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