Zelensky’s first reaction to the standing of the UOC near the Rada: Grannies in the opposition party caps

The President of Ukraine reacted to today’s standing before the Rada. Deliberately or not, he mixed into a single whole the rally of the opposition party OPFL and the religious protest of the believers of the UOC, writes Pravblog.

“Look, what is today under the Verkhovna Rada. I’m very sorry. There are grandmothers and children. They are wearing yellow OPFL caps. Something is wrong in the church again. And so suddenly everyone became interested in this issue that thousands of grannies came in OPFL caps.” Well, what does it look like? Our task, and the law on deoligarchization, is so that these grannies have enough money so that they do not leave. They lived their lives, they were respected at work … We must get out of poverty,” Zelensky said.

“If we assume that this was done deliberately, then the signal to the canonical Church was not very good. Zelensky de facto brought the religious issue into the political field and the format of his confrontation with the OPFL. Hinting that the latter is using the church theme to advance her interests.

Although we will still hope that the president simply did not quite successfully choose the wording, as a result everything was messed up,” writes the Telegram channel.

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