The Phanar is behind the actions of the “church opposition” in Georgia

How the Ukrainian schism, the theology of the Maidan, secret agents, our conjectures and common sense have mixed up. The Orthodox Times writes that two more Patriarchates will soon recognize the OCU. Colleagues are skeptical about this likelihood, but believe that we can talk about the Bulgarian or Romanian Patriarchates. In their opinion, the Phanar is trying to force recognition before the visit of Patriarch Bartholomew to Kyiv.

We do not rule out the Georgian Patriarchate. Against the background of the Phanar’s attacks on the Georgian Church, this seems doubtful. But here it is important to understand a significant nuance: very few people, even in the Georgian Orthodox Church (GOC), realize that the Phanar is behind the actions of the “church opposition” (supporters of Metropolitan Peter (Tsaava) and the “group of theologians”). In Georgia itself, this is seen as an internal conflict with local liberals.

You need to understand that the phanariots have a huge trump card in Georgia, which they do not have in other countries – anti-Russian sentiments in society. Moreover, the reasons are very different – from the deprivation of autocephaly of the Georgian Church in 1811 to the 2008 war and the difficult church situation in South Ossetia and Abkhazia. This is where the phanariots` forces play. In addition, they have a big advantage in the form of 95% of the local media field. Yes, the majority of the episcopate of the GOC are against the recognition of the “OCU”. But they don’t exist in the air. There is also the state, there is society, there are internal church anti-Russian forces… And the ROC (together with the UOC), conducting explanatory work with the episcopate of the GOC, cannot influence public sentiment in any way.

And then, on behalf of the ROC itself, Georgian television announces that “there really is no reason for not recognizing the OCU, except for politics,” that the OCU “has no dogmatic or canonical contradictions with other Churches.” How not to believe if the archimandrite of the Russian Orthodox Church itself reports this? Moreover, on the country’s leading TV channel.

How can a Georgian TV viewer know that the “representative of the Russian Orthodox Church” is the taken out of the clergy archimandrite Cyril (Hovorun), known for his close to the Phanar stance and co-served with the Ukrainian schismatics.

And after all, this is not the first such achievement of the archimandrite: how many people he had led by the authority of his dignity into the temptation of a split in Ukraine itself, how many he separated from the ROC with his publications and posts in Russia itself… And what about the “Maidan theology” developed by him, widely applied in Ukraine and picked up on the agenda of Russian protests. It would seem: there are all the canonical grounds (multiple) deprivation of the rank of an obvious schismatic and, thereby, “neutralization” of his harmful activities. But this decision is not made for some very good reason. We will not name, but not a special secret, who exactly is blocking this issue in the Patriarchate.

Maybe archimandrite Cyril is actually a double agent? And he not only works for the Phanar, but also provides some important information about the plans of the Phanar to the Patriarchate? Or maybe not to the Patriarchate, but to a completely different department, which asks to keep his dignity? We do not know the secret side of what is happening, but it is very difficult for us to even imagine what can outweigh the harm that Hovorun inflicts on the Church in several countries at once.


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