In the main cathedral of the OCU handled farewell to a member of the SS “Galicia” division

On June 13, at the St. Michael’s Cathedral of the OCU in Kiev, handled farewell to Orest Vaskul, a member of the SS “Galicia” division. The ceremony was attended by the military from the presidential regiment, writes “Strana”.

Vaskul was born on the territory of Austria-Hungary, in 1943 he voluntarily enrolled in the SS Galicia division. In the 1980s, he was sentenced to 11 years in prison for anti-Soviet activities. During the years of independence, he was a member of the main line of the OUN (b) and the chairman of the Kiev regional brotherhood of the OUN-UPA. In 2006 he ran in elections to the Verkhovna Rada from Svoboda.

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