Epiphanius: Russian satellites seek to destroy the OCU and the “pro-Ukrainian spirit”, but Poland will help

Russia and its satellites in Ukraine are striving to destroy the “pro-Ukrainian spirit”, so the OCU hinders them, but with the support of friends from Poland, a predominantly Catholic country, the OCU hopes to “overcome the aggressor.” This was stated by the head of the OCU Epiphany Dumenko at a meeting with the vice-marshal of the Seim of the Republic of Poland Malgorzata-Maria Gosevskaya, the official website of the OCU reports.

“Metropolitan Epiphanius discussed with high-ranking guests inter-confessional relations in Ukraine, the issue of the ongoing Russian hybrid aggression and the use of the Moscow Patriarchate in it,” the website writes, and quotes Epiphany: “Russia and its satellites in Ukraine are striving to destroy the pro-Ukrainian spirit, therefore they are very much hampered by the autocephalous Ukrainian Church. The Russian Orthodox Church is actually their last “outpost” here. However, I am convinced that thanks to God’s help and the support of friends like Poland, we will overcome the aggressor. We hope that NATO will also take steps towards Ukraine and will help us in the fair defense of territorial integrity.”

Malgorzata Gosevska assured Epiphany of support for the “free development” of the OCU, the website adds.

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