The civilizational importance of the book about Patriarch Bartholomew

Exarch of the Constantinople Church in Kyiv, Bishop Mikhail (Anishchenko) took part in the presentation of the book about the apostolic mission and prophetic vision of Patriarch Bartholomew in Ukrainian translation, which took place on June 11, 2021. This is reported by the Spiritual Front of Ukraine.

The Exarch said that “this is a publication dedicated to young people, so that they see that everything can be achieved by making efforts, getting an education, going towards their goal. This is a book that can be an impetus for the development of many young people. “

The head of the UGCC, Svyatoslav Shevchuk noted that Patriarch Bartholomew is one of the most intellectual personalities of our time, not only from the church point of view or its significance for the Orthodox world, but also from the point of view of modern human civilization. “This is a man, full of special energy, such a spring that constantly radiates strength, will and ability to move forward church, social and interstate life.”

Bishop of the RCC Vitaly Kryvytsky noted the role of the patriarch in the interfaith dialogue between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. “Bartholomew knew five Popes who came one after another. He participated in many meetings on interfaith dialogue between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. He is very criticized for the fact that he conducts this dialogue, does not keep his comfortable world. On the other hand, he invites each of us to leave our little world and conduct a dialogue that can heal wounds.”

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