Is there a student riot in the OCU Academy?

This has never happened… and here again – the OCU Academy. According to our information, students are rioting in the Academy. So far, not all, but only representatives of the student council, but this does not make it easier. Remember the posts about Archpriest Petro Boyko? The one who abuses alcohol in the workplace, shares a glass with the students and supports his young son in studying the swearing, with which he awards the monks of the Michael`s Monastery.

So, the student council of the KPBA asks to pay attention to the violation of ethical principles by this vice-rector for educational work. They say that this person, with his policy of dividing students into those to whom everything is allowed and those to whom everything is forbidden (re-read the posts about the glass he shares with his informants), spoils the atmosphere and makes it hostile.

Also, the student council in its open appeal told the academic council of the KPBA about corruption and various acts of bribery. The youth asks to start an investigation of the incriminated cases, but for some reason we are not sure that this will end with something significant. The fact is that the same Boyko is involved in corruption – but, despite all the facts that have long been known to the primate, Boyko remains in office.

To be fair, we want to note that the appeal concerns not only Boyko. Young people complain about the decline of the educational process, in particular, because some of the teachers (not only this odious vice-rector) either do not come at all, or are systematically late.


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