The UOC urged officials not to divide the people by political and religious convictions

The Ukrainian authorities must strive to unite the people and preserve religious harmony. Bishop Baryshevsky Victor (Kotsaba) said this, commenting on the words of the Minister of Culture and Information Policy Alexander Tkachenko, who said that for him religious harmony in the country is more important than the possible consequences as a result of court decisions on the renaming of the UOC, writes “Phraza”.

“Considering the political convictions and confessional affiliation of Alexander Tkachenko, his words should not be interpreted as support for the UOC. However, as an official, he understands very well that he will still have to conduct a dialogue with the UOC. Indeed, despite all the attempts of various political forces to neutralize the influence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on society, it remains the largest religious denomination in Ukraine. In other words, millions of believers stand behind the UOC, and it is simply impossible not to reckon with them,” Bishop Viktor emphasized.

Commenting on the words of Oleksandr Tkachenko about “peace and religious harmony” in Ukrainian society, Bishop Viktor recalled that “given the constant aggression against the UOC by some media and individual politicians, the continuation of the seizures of our churches is only a dream.”

Bishop Victor urged officials not to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors, because “prosperity in a country begins with an attempt to conduct a dialogue, from attempts to hear each other, from a desire to unite the people, and not divide them by political or religious convictions.”

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