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The first results of the planned visit of Patriarch Bartholomew to Ukraine

After a recent meeting between the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine and the emissary of the Patriarch of Constantinople, which resulted in a phrase about the readiness of the Ukrainian authorities to ensure the visit of the head of the Phanar at the highest level, the Supreme Court put an end to the UOC-KP’s liquidation.

This decision looks quite expected (against the background of establishing close contact between Kyiv and the phanariots in recent months).

In fact, the Ukrainian side played into the hands of the Greeks in resolving the problem of Filaret. Now Constantinople, in particular, will have additional arguments to repel the attacks related to accusations of deepening the church schism in Ukraine. After the mentioned court decision, the “Turkish Greeks” will be able to claim that Denisenko’s new structure is not only marginal in nature, but also does not function as a legal entity. This means that the UOC-KP is a “phantom from both a legal and canonical point of view.”

If we abstract from the possible “interests” of the Greeks in this situation and focus exclusively on the “Kyiv Patriarchate”, we must admit that its prospects are quite bleak. Most likely, with Filaret’s death, it will disappear as a more or less structured organization. Moreover, in principle, this is logical, because such projects can survive and develop in many respects only with the strong support of the authorities.

The only chance for the UOC-KP to continue its life is the transfer to its jurisdiction of some powerful “hierarch” of the OCU, capable of taking control of all necessary processes until Filaret’s death and then becoming Denisenko’s successor. For example, Mykhail Zinkevych would be able to play such a role.

However, as we see, the Phanar understands this and tries to level the possibility of implementing such a scenario.


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