UOC eparchy denied fake about the “transition” of the community in Pervomaisk

The community of St. Michael’s Church of the UOC in Pervomaisk held a meeting and confirmed its desire to remain in the bosom of the canonical Church, and outsiders who are not parishioners make statements about their desire to move somewhere. The secretary of the Ascension diocese, Archpriest Mikhail Kiryak, spoke about this, commenting on reports in some media about the alleged desire to transfer the community to another religious organization, writes the UOJ.

The situation around the St. Michael’s Church of the UOC has been periodically aggravated for several years. It is initiated by a small group of people who live in the surrounding area. They collected signatures and even sent them to the OCU, but did not receive an answer due to the small number of those who applied.

In response to these attempts, the parishioners of St. Michael’s Church held a meeting at which they testified that they refused to make any transitions, and the documented decision of the community to stay in the UOC was sent to the regional state administration.

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