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A hint for Drabinko that his “diocese” is more of a vicariate

On May 27, on the website of the diocese of Pereyaslav and Vishneve, a message appeared about lord Alexander’s visit to the village of Suvid near Vyshgorod. It was informed about the consecration of the Cross, in the place of which the skete of the majestic monastery in honor of St. Nektarios of Eginsky should rise (it is located in the luxury cottage town Khutor Yasny). It is also interesting that from the publications on the Metropolitan’s Facebook page one gets the impression that only one monk lives in this “monastery” on a permanent basis. The question arises: for whom is the skete “built”? After all, a skete is a place for the life and obedience of monks, remote from large settlements.

And it is not very logical to start building a skete for a monastery that has not yet been built. Moreover, the situation with the governor of the aforementioned “monastery” has not yet been resolved: the former hegumen, hieromonk Alexei Matsyura almost every day exposes in the social services and Facebook publications on the construction of a church in the village Morozivka, where he is the rector of the parish of the Dormition of the Theotokos. What does it mean? Really father Alexei points out to the Metropolitan that he has much greater abilities, at least in building, than the ruling bishop himself, who still does not even have a diocesan administration and in two years has built only a wooden church in Khutor Yasny (and then – at the expense of patrons)?

We understand why Metropolitan Alexander is trying to cover in general the “big events” that his diocese is living with: he still has a very modest number of parishes (on the website, this page looks very poor). But I would like to know if Epiphany was interested in affairs in this diocese, when the hierarch received his blessing for a vacation abroad?

And in general, it is worth thinking about the fact that a diocese cannot have such a small number of parishes – as a maximum it is a vicariate. It is also striking that the Primate and the ruling bishop cannot even decide among themselves the matter of subordination of the Transfiguration Cathedral on Teremki: on the official website of the cathedral it is indicated that it is stauropegic, and Drabinko, in turn, constantly writes that the temple is a cathedra.


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